Finished Maple Syrup

This is not all of the Maple syrup but almost all of it. I think we have 2 quarts and a pint missing from this picture. The total Maple Syrup for the year was over 3 gallons so best year so far while sugaring. Looking forward to improving the process next year and making more.

Good Sugaring season although short

This has been the best year for sugaring since starting. We had 40 taps out and collected close to 200 gallons of sap from the end of February to the end of March. All the sap is cooked down into Maple Syrup. All that is left is the cleaning of the new steam pan and putting away all the buckets. We started using two gallon plastic buckets with lids that worked out really well compared to the galvanized buckets that my grandpa used 40 years ago. The plastic buckets keep the rain water out and are easy to make by drilling a 1 inch hole near the lid. I need to build a bigger pit to burn wood in and get another steam pan to speed up the process. Spent 3 weekends just boiling sap and my wife had to do a lot of the finishing in the house. I will get some pictures of the process soon.

2015 Goals

1. Grow Great Grapes
2. Electrical wiring in the garage
3. Pass extra Ham exam
4. Prune grapes and trees - Already done
5. Make maple syrup - Almost done

New Ross Players to perform Desperate Ambrose this weekend article about the New Ross Players to perform Desperate Ambrose this weekend

Ambrose and Hoot Owl Pete

The play is a Western comedy taking place in the 1880s. Two friends travel West from the East Coast and are mistaken for heroic cowboys. They embrace their false identities for glory and romance but run into trouble as the plot thickens.
The New Ross Players will perform the play 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday at the New Ross Fire Station. The play is free to attend, and goodwill donations will be accepted.

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